About Living Beautifully


Meet Polly

Hello! I’m Polly. Welcome to Living Beautifully!

I am an International Success Coach & Lifestyle Expert for Women Entrepreneurs. I mentor & support talented, highly driven and creative women entrepreneurs who have already grown a successful business or career & who are ready to birth an exciting new vision, be it coaching, a new business venture or a new start in life.

Living Beautifully is my own passion project, a place where I can share 25+ years of life and business experience with you, together with the things that touch my soul and make my heart sing. It’s a mix of inspiring lifestyle content and success tips for vibrant and passionate woman entrepreneurs. It’s how I do life in my own joyful and beautiful way. 



I live my dream lifestyle in a place where my heart sings and my soul belongs: the magical Mediterranean island of Ibiza. I followed my heart to create a life I love, and feel so blessed by the beautiful landscape, the sunshine, dramatic skies and the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks. It’s where my soul calls home.

When not writing, shooting or coaching, I love to dance in the sunshine, eat raw desserts, practice yoga, and live a life of spirit and style. I am obsessed with bulldogs, beauty in all it’s forms, and growing & learning. Always learning.

I know each and every one of you has the power within YOU to make your deepest desires and dreams a reality, and I am here to inspire, support and entertain you.