How to Wear a Bright Dress & Raise Your Energy!

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I just LOVE to wear a bright dress!

Bright colours make me feel vibrant, alive and filled with energy and how I choose to dress is ALL about how I want to FEEL.

bright dress

I love a bright dress because they are so easy to wear – one piece, some bright shoes and maybe a pair of earrings (I like studs here because you don’t need anything that will compete with the star piece, the dress) and you are done. These ones are from Accessorize, picked up in Barcelona airport in the year I did pretty much all my shopping in airports and whilst travelling.

bright dress

This bright dress is actually a 1960’s vintage number I picked up on Ebay a few years back. I sold a lot of my vintage pieces in the last few years when I moved to Ibiza, and no longer had the opportunity to wear them. So it was goodbye to my collection of 1950’s ballgowns and floral dresses, but I did hold onto a few key pieces, including this electric blue and green dress.

This classic dress shape and style is super flattering for a lot of women. It accentuates the narrowest part – the ribs and waist, and the figure hugging shape emphasises your curves. The thick textured fabric drapes over the body.

gianvito rossi patent pumps

These electric Gianvito Rossi turquoise patent courts came into my life on a shop to buy some classic nude pumps. Determined to buy some practical and versatile classic heels, I set out on my shopping trip  to buy a pair of nude pumps, finally feeling like a grown-up woman.

And then oops! Look what happened! As I was trying on the nude pumps, I spotted them in this electric blue in the store (and of course they went perfectly with the dress I happened to be wearing that day).

Given my budget, it was an either/or and I felt my energy rise when I tried on these super bright heels. There was no way I couldn’t go home without them. My heart always wins out over my head!

I don’t regret the purchase – I still love these shoes as much as the day I bought them – and they were only in store for that one season.

The nude pumps? 

I went back to buy them the next season and they are now also in my collection. In case you are wondering, these are what I recommend as the absolute classic nude leather pump

Life lesson – you can have it all in life, but not always at the same time…

A bright dress teams beautifully with bright nails

I am a fan of SNS Nails which last 2-3 weeks without chipping even for someone whose hands take a lot of action…. sadly shellac started chipping for me after a week, and I had to look for a new option: I am super happy with how durable SNS is. Obviously once you have your colour on, you have it for a while, so here I have bright red, but I would ideally pair this dress with an electric pink.

Colour is very powerful and can literally raise your vibration by making you feel alive, energised, excited, beautiful, sexy….. whatever feeling you desire!

Every colour has a frequency. Allow yourself to choose a colour that makes you feel excited and alive next time you get dressed. Jumpsuits also look great in brights! See my blog post on How to Wear a Jumpsuit here.

Do you have a bright dress in your wardrobe?

What’s YOUR favourite colour to wear? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below.

{Photography by Maria Simon; Hair and Make up by Lauren Buckley}

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[…] A dress like this can work for either day or night. During the day in the UK, I pair it with navy or black tights, and knee high boots. In the evening it’s bare legs and heels. These nude heels are from Gianvito Rossi and I wrote about them in last week’s style post here. […]


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