Looking Back on 2017 – How to Do an End of Year Review

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This is a post about How to Do an End of Year Review…….. but first, how was 2017 for YOU?!

In my circle, and for me personally, it was a pretty tumultuous year by all accounts. For many of us, it was not the year we planned or visioned. From a planetary perspective there were all sorts of big things happening and apparently it made it a challenging year for the planet.

I don’t know about you but I am sure glad it’s over!

Goodbye 2017……Hello and welcome 2018!

But before we go, let’s take time to say a proper farewell.

How to Review Your Year

The end of one year and the start of the next is the perfect time to take stock of where you are at. I did this process before Planning my 2018.

How to do an End of Year Review


1. List your Successes and Achievements of 2017. What are you proud of?

2. What are your Learnings from 2017?

3. Who do you need to Forgive in 2017? What do you need to forgive yourself for?

4. What are you Grateful for in 2017?

This is the simple process I follow at the end of each year that allows my body, mind and spirit to fully integrate the past year.

How to do an End of Year Review-1

Why do this process?

  • It gives you a fresh perspective on the year
  • It enables you to move forwards more consciously
  • You get to take back control of your life. Feel like your time is take up with duties – business to-do’s, family commitments, responsibilities as a mother, a wife, household admin, client requests etc etc? Gifting yourself this time puts YOU back in the driving seat.
  • You get to celebrate and focus upon your successes – including ones you had forgotten – and this will uplift you and build your self esteem and confidence for the year ahead.
  • You get to reframe your struggles and see the gifts the tough times had for you.
  • You get to reset. Forgive those who have wronged you in 2017, let go of resentments that were taking up energy and emotion space & wipe the slate clean for the new start. And very importantly, you get to forgive yourself for your mistakes, failures, and anything you wish you’d done differently. Release the guilt, blame and shame. 

How to do an End of Year Review

My 2017 was about….

The unexpected!

Yes, actually it’s the first year for as long as I can remember (and I have been goal setting for nearly 20 years!) that I didn’t hit most of my goals. In fact I have actually rolled over many to 2018. Things I originally planned no longer became priorities (like the Living Beautifully Blog) and new things came into my life and business (like healing, channelling and a new Programme).

This year brought a very unexpected journey which I didn’t see coming: one which has been just incredible, so without further ado, I’ll dive into my Successes of 2017 by sharing some of the things I am proud of…

Things I am Proud Of…

theta healing

Discovering, Growing and Developing my Intuitive Healing Abilities

Starting in December 2016, I took the Theta Healing journey, whizzing through as much of the curriculum as I could in the last 12 months. You can read more about what it is and how I discovered it here.  You work on yourself as you develop your healing abilities so it’s a crash course in personal development and not for the faint hearted. All your patterns and past experiences & traumas come up for healing. Expect meltdowns!

I now incorporate it into my coaching practice and it’s been profoundly powerful alongside coaching in supporting my clients to shift old beliefs, let go of past traumas, and move more confidently into who they really are.

I also had my first experiences of giving future readings, seeing people’s past lives and even predicting exactly how many new clients a private coaching client would book in her business and exactly where they were going to come from and when. Pretty exciting!

My intuitive and psychic abilities have skyrocketed and I’ve shed many layers of limiting beliefs in myself. One of the biggest deeply ingrained patterns was that I could not have both Love & Money at the same time, and a deep ancestral pattern of scarcity still running in my DNA.

Glad I let go of this one!

I discovered I have the ability to channel, especially in the middle of the night. This isn’t something I have spoken publicly about yet but I may do in 2018 and you’ll have the opportunity to see me speaking live.

I also made developing my Femininity & attracting in my soulmate a big focus for 2017. You can read more about that journey here.

Action Step for You

What new skill will you learn in 2018? 

What are you interested in learning more about, or what new knowledge or skill would be exciting for you to learn?

It might be something that’s useful for your business, or it could be just for fun.

I follow the callings of my intuition and when I am supposed to do something I find it keeps popping up on my horizon in different ways. Take a risk! Book a day class or buy an online course or take a weekend retreat….take the first step, keep an open mind and just be curious!

Polly Alexandre

Learning Patience and Flexibility

As souls on a human journey, we are here to grow our soul, and often the greatest growth comes through challenging experiences. You soul is here to master different virtues as well as have lots of fun!

This call I was called to master both patience and flexibility. I made a bold decision to pack up my life in Ibiza and put it in storage, and to come to London for a few months to continue my healing studies. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for 4 months now, which is a HUGE step for me. I love my home comforts and being settled in my home, but all the signs pointed that this was what I was being called to do in order to fulfill my purpose.

Faith and Trust were also big themes for 2017 for me.

Lesson for You

What virtue might you be mastering right now?

Look at what’s going on in your life right now and see what your soul might be mastering…… there will be clues!

Think about what virtue you would like to master in 2018? On my shortlist are forgiveness, procrastination, decisiveness and consistency.

Polly Alexandre

New Photoshoots

I did monthly photo shoot for the first half of the year which was super fun!

After I made the decision to stay in Ibiza this year and not travel (apart from to London), all the shoots took place in Ibiza. Unfortunately we didn’t get one sunset! Unbelievable! Yes, it’s cloudy in paradise too.

I got more confident with each shoot and the results got better each time as my photographer Maria Simon and I developed our working (and personal) relationship.

I’ve actually got lots still unseen. The process of creating is still more exciting for me than the process of sharing…. working on that one!

And cat, the dear beautiful special cat that adopted me in Ibiza, made it into almost every shoot. Cat just loves the camera! (and he was also something I’m deeply grateful for in 2017, and also I hope to be reunited with in 2018).

Lesson for You

When’s the last time you had a photoshoot?

It’s good to refresh your images regularly and gorgeous images are super useful for social media. Think about having a shoot for a few hours when you are on holiday – all you need to do is book hair and make up & a local photographer for a few hours. If you’re commissioning your main brand images for your business and website I recommend working with a specialist personal brand portrait photographer and investing in the process, but holiday images can be fun and easy way to refresh your social media & marketing.

Don’t put it off and wait until you have lost 5 kilos or your hair is looking better or you’re less busy. Do it now and it will refresh your business, boost your confidence and bring fresh energy to your marketing.

How to do an End of Year Review-4

Uplevelling my Team

2017 marked an overhaul of my support team, which was definitely for the best. I had been accepting substandard service from a key provider on my team for years and years. I knew I needed to switch but I kept putting it off, and they kept making mistakes, some pretty serious, and offering a poor service. Finally I did what I should have done much earlier – I fired them and took on a new (more expensive) supplier but with far superior communication and service.

I changed my VA and finally found the perfect match for me; she was much, much, more than a VA to be honest, and it was time for her to uplevel and grow her brand, so she’s no longer a VA and she’s now my Launch Manager & Designer for my new Money Course coming out this Spring. Wooo hoooo! (and yes I’m looking for a new VA again….)

I spent the year looking for the right mentor to take me to my next level. I prayed, asked for guidance, researched, had a false start, and finally took a giant risk and manifested a trip to the US which led me to her.

I fired the cleaners in both my homes, and was called to stand in my power with tradesmen and my landlord.

2017 was the year I created firm boundaries about what was acceptable and stood up for myself in a big way.

I also had an opportunity to release resentment towards those who had let me down, and behaved in a way that I did not agree with.

Lesson for You

Is it time to uplevel any of your team, personal or professional?

When you are focused on your personal development, you will find that you grow and change at a rate that will probably outstrip the members of your support team, unless they are also actively working on uplevelling themselves too.

Things that used to be ok for you are no longer acceptable, and this change is not easy for your team, who are used to the old way.

Or you may notice that you see things you didn’t see before as you have changed, and actually the way things are being done is no longer acceptable.

Or perhaps you knew all along that that behaviour was not ok, or the team member was not the right fit, or not up to par, but you were scared to say something, worried about not finding someone better or scared to upset them, so you kept quiet and said nothing, and put up with less than you deserved.

When it’s not right for you, chances are they are feeling it too, so dig deep, take a deep breath and say what needs to be said. Explore if things can change between you, or if it’s time for you both to move on.

As you grow and your vibration changes, your need to keep uplevelling your team.

One of my Biggest Learnings from 2017 was….


The Light attracts the Darkness

When you go out into the world and shine your light, when you discover and express who you truly are, then you’re going to get the haters. Your success will trigger people, your boldness and truth will make them feel uncomfortable,

Email and social media makes it easier than ever before for people to hide behind a screen, let their emotions get the better of them and fire off nasty emails and leave unpleasant comments. Would these people say the same thing to you face to face? Unlikely. Certainly not one of the people who have pointed the finger at me have ever actually said anything to my face.

That when other people are jealous and make false accusations, write nasty words and point the finger, it’s more about them than it is you.

Don’t make it about you when it isn’t. 

In this Group I will also include people that will trigger you by copying your work, your images, your material and your ideas.

I’m grateful for powerful mentors and teachers that taught me how to handle these type of behaviours, to understand for myself why they were happening and how to see the gifts in them for me, and who taught me how to heal the patterns in me & the energy that attracted this type of behaviour.

It also guided me to learn to forgive which is a powerful quality & essential for creating abundance.

Lesson for You

The truth is these people are unhappy and jealous, otherwise why would they invest their time and energy in attacking you? Be mindful that you don’t allow them to drain your energy and emotions. They want your attention.

Don’t make their unpleasant comments about you. Look for any learnings for yourself, then hand the energy right back.

Look for compassion in your heart and aim for forgiveness. You don’t have to condone their actions, or forget them, but you can choose to forgive them and let them go.

The only thing that can heal hate is love. 

How to do an End of Year Review-4A

One of the things I am most grateful for in 2017 is new friends

My healing journey brought some truly beautiful inside and out, soulful, smart, wonderful new women onto my path, several of whom have become dear friends. 2017 was the year I developed new friendships with incredible women who are going to change the world. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them over the coming years and I’m excited to share our life together. I see them in my future, along with those existing friendships which deepened, grew and blossomed this year.

Lesson for You

As you grow and change do you find you have less in common with old friends? That you’re growing apart?

That’s normal. We all grow and change in different ways and at different rates, and the chance of you and your old school friend growing and changing in the same way at the same time is low. Friendships need to evolve and that doesn’t always mean keeping them.

If you’re on a path of self development, spiritual growth or moving into entrepreneurship (or all 3!), it’s inevitable that your friendship circle will change. You might choose to invest less in old friendships and invest time and energy in developing new friendships with people with whom you have more in common with these days.

Don’t be scared to let go; trust that what lies ahead will be more beautiful that you ever imagined.


I have shared a few of my successes, learnings, ways in which I have been called to forgive and let go of resentments, and things I am grateful with you here today. Allow it to inspire you, and gift yourself an evening or a couple of hours of quiet time with your journal to review your 2017.

And end of year review is incredibly powerful and uplifting and well worth your time.

Let me know what I shared here that resonates with YOU, and how your review goes!

Join the discussion below…. (and join me every week on Monday at 12 noon UK over on Facebook Live – like my Facebook Business Page here to receive alerts)



Thank you for your wise words Polly. I am always inspired by you. I am going to follow your advice and follow your steps of releasing the old year. I haven’t done this before!
I look forward to working with you in 2018!


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