How to Handle the In-Between (when the things you want aren’t here yet)

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  1. Drop the Resistance to feeling Bad

How do you handle change – and how do you cope when you’re in that place where the things you want aren’t here yet – or even coming fast enough….

Be sad, be lost, be confused, be frustrated, be scared….and love & accept yourself anyway.

Don’t resist your sadness, fear, confusion, grief, anger, frustration…. allow it to come and rise the wave.

It’s ok to be me, it’s ok to feel bad’

‘I am sad, I am scared and I still love & accept myself’

‘I accept my uncertainty, and fear and I still love myself’

The less resistance you put up the quicker it will pass.

I don’t know about you but that’s the part I can easily forget. When things aren’t working the way I want them to be, or my manifestation is still not here, I feel very stuck. It’s easy to forget that everything is always in motion. Nothing stays the same.

So even if you do absolutely NOTHING, things will move on. So make it easier for yourself and drop the resistance to what is. 

  1. Do not fear getting stuck in the emotion

I used to worry that if I let myself really feel how I was feeling, I might spiral down so deep I’d never get out of it.

I had to test it out, again and again, to find out, that actually my freedom is through the emotion.

As you feel them, they are already changing.

Your freedom comes through going into the eye of the storm, riding the wave of feelings, and

Through going into the darkness you can come to your light.

  1. Ask for Guidance

I talk a lot in my newsletters about us being the co-creator of our lives.

When you’re in the inbetween, feeling uncertainty or fear, this is the time you want to rally up all the help you can get!

You are loved, guided and supported by God/the Universe/the Creator.

You are also loved and supported by your Higher Self, and guides or angels. This was a new world to me – the simplest way I can describe it is a feeling of ‘hearing answers’ – or an inner knowing. Through journaling I have developed the ability to hear answers and advice very clearly.

You have this ability too. Try just sitting down and asking a question, then wait to hear an answer. Don’t worry if you feel you are making it up or it’s your own mind telling you this.

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know that feeling of them being there with you at points in your life, since they passed. You can feel their presence, their energy, or maybe you see signs they are with you.

My friend A sees white feathers, as a sign her Mum is with her.

My own Mum used to flash the lights on and off, and the TV used to switch on of it’s own accord which drove me crazy! I had the tech people come out so many times and they were adamant there was no way it could happen and no fault with the TV. In the end I either just unplugged the TV at the wall. When it was plugged in I decided to surrender to it, and instead became really curious about what I was saying or thinking at the time it randomly came on – and indeed what was on the TV when it came on!

Nothing is an accident, nothing is entirely random.

One of the easiest and my own personal favourite ways to access messages and support from a Higher Power is through Angel Cards.

These ones are my personal favourite

Anyway that was a serious tangent….

In summary to say that there’s a whole (free!) support team available to you that you can access ant any time.

I’d love to hear how YOU like to access your free support team….share below in the comments!

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