Welcome to the Living Beautifully Blog! Officially live today!

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Living Beautifully Blog


Welcome! I am BEYOND excited to announce the launch of the Living Beautifully blog, my new lifestyle blog for creative women entrepreneurs. 

Living Beautifully is a blog about Style & Success.

It’s a blog about transformation, about overcoming, about moving past your fears to become the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

I’m a coach and a creative entrepreneur, a healer and a photographer, and I run a multi 6-figure creative business.

I’m amassed almost 25 years of self-discovery, and I’ve tried a lot of things along the way – everything from a healing with a Traditional Balinese healer that made me sick for a month, through to 3 Hour Feminine Beauty Rituals, Past Life Readings, all sorts of bodywork, laughing meditations, crying meditations, Buddhist rituals, every kind of meditation between…and much, much more.

I’m excited to open up my passions, my little black book and my years of experience of how to transform your life and business to help YOU to create your BEST, most BRILLIANT life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you would like to hear me write and post about… please comment below!


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