The Money Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

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In June, I had my biggest money month to date in my business (both cash and signed contracts – it’s super important to track both!). I hit over £67,000 in signed contracts and over £45,000 cash. 

But there’s something important I need to share with you…

The Money Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

I did it being beautifully imperfect. In fact, I made loads of mistakes. There were a ton of things I could have done differently or better, or more of. I dropped off the face of Instagram. I fired my Facebook Ads person (ok technically she resigned first, but either way no ads were running) I sent way less mailers than I intended. And I didn’t do one Instagram Live. Oh, and the gym fell by the wayside for a few weeks too (thank goodness for Mindful Chef, my Daily Yoga App and my green juice deliveries!) So if you think you need to be perfect to be successful, do everything right, or get all your ducks lined up in a row before you can hit the jackpot, let me tell you that you don’t need to. Not. At. All.

So what did I do right?

Well there are a few pieces to it… (and to hear the full story you can view the whole episode over on my Facebook Business Page where you will also get to experience a powerful energy clearing to help create YOUR biggest month ever!)… But what I am going to share with you here today is some of the top money blocks I had to clear that enabled me to create this. So if you are a coach, a creative, or a healer and are wondering if it’s possible for you, let me tell you 100% it is! If I have done it, so can you….that’s the really cool thing about this. Once we see someone else has done it, it anchors the possibility energetically. You truly believe it’s possible. So let’s dive in to the some of the key Money Blocks I cleared to make this happen.

Money Blocks I cleared that helped me create a £67,000 month


1. I am not worth more than £5k (/£10k/£15k etc) a month

I had to create the belief that I am worthy of more & that I am deserving of more. One of the biggest ways I did this was by being willing to invest in myself in skills, support, knowledge, coaches and mentors. I invested way over & above what I was earning at that point and I took a big, bold leap of faith. I believed in my potential. The Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

2. Money is limited

I shifted the belief that there is a limit to the amount of money I can make and that is available to me, to the belief that more money is always available to me. I started seeing money as an infinite resource, which meant being willing to let go of it (through spending), trusting more would come in.

3. I make bad business decisions and hire the wrong people

I had to forgive myself for past mistakes and business investments that didn’t yield the return I had hoped (we work through this process in my Online Group Programme to Clear your Money Blocks, Money Beautifully) I created the new belief that I trust myself to make good decisions – I trust myself to show up, do the work, be accountable to myself and trust my intuition. The Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

4. Borrowing money is too risky

In order to grow my business I had to invest in it and in myself, and in order to do that I had to be willing to borrow money (yay if you have a rich husband or a stash of secret gold…or a Ming vase to sell…..I didn’t, so it meant looking to borrow the money!)  – this meant being willing to use credit cards, loans, an overdraft, in order to play at a bigger level and grow faster. Clients I see getting amazing results are frequently investing at a level higher than the income they are currently making, especially at the start of their business. I shifted this belief to: ‘It is safe to take risks’  and ‘I trust myself to handle debt’

5. It is dangerous to be visible and speak my truth

 If you hold subconscious fears about being humiliated for speaking your truth, or a deep fear of being judged and criticized for sharing your voice, it pushes you into hiding where no one can find you. And if people can’t find you how can they buy your services or products?! Visibility is a HUGE area. I had to be willing to be visible & shift the paralyzing fear of what others will think. I had to start being ok that not everyone will resonate with, agree with or like my message. Instead it was time to focus on those I am here to help & who are interested in my message and need my support.

6. It is dangerous to be a powerful woman

Being scared to show up and use your true power and come into your full potential is a huge theme I come across in the talented and visionary people I support. It’s time to shift this to the belief that it’s safe to use your power & be willing to use your power. You are bigger and mightier than you even know…trust me. When you get this on a deep subconscious level it will ripple outwards into a much greater capability in life. The Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

7. I wish I had done things differently.. and now it’s too late

You need to be willing to forgive yourself for past mistakes. All those regrets, resentments & stories you tell yourself are trapped energy, weighing you down and holding you back. It’s like carrying round a giant burden of shame and guilt.

8. Nobody wants what I have to offer

If you don’t believe anyone wants you, then it will be mirrored back to you by people saying No, going elsewhere or no demand for your services. If other people are selling what you sell it proves there’s demand. And I am guessing that for 99% of you, someone is already running a successful business offering exactly what you are offering. Time to blast this lie away!

Your new belief: ‘I have something special to offer the world’

Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on how you can serve – don’t make it about you, but focus on who and how you can help. I deliver a ton of free content that powerfully shifts people whether they choose to invest with me or not… The Money Mindset of a £67k a month Woman

To get access to all this juicy content make sure you’re on my list – sign up for my Free Success Meditation here

9. Healers never make any money. It’s hard to make decent money as a coach/healer/creative (delete as appropriate)

This one’s huge! You will want to make sure you transform the belief that spiritual people, good people are poor…. healers are poor, creative are poor….blast away the starving artist or humble healer myth. It’s time to be paid abundantly for your gifts to the world.

10. It is not possible for me to make 50k a month…

I had to create the belief that not only is it possible for me to make £50k a month, but that I can, I deserve it and I am worthy of it too. All those subconscious beliefs need to line up before the money can come in…..and when they do….my oh my!

To begin overcoming your limiting beliefs, download my free success meditation below!

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