5 Ways to Make More Money through Pleasure!

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How do you make more money through pleasure?

Did you know there’s a direct link between how much pleasure a woman allows herself to experience and how much money she can receive?!

The good news is that the more you can increase your capacity to receive, the more you open up the channels of abundance.

Have more pleasure? Really Polly?!

Money Through Pleasure

Yes! This is one of the more fun assignments on the path of transformation!

This week in Money Beautifully, my Group Programme to Clear your Money Blocks, one of the women shared that she was feeling guilty about spending money on coffees as a treat for herself. This is really common in the women I coach – that feeling of guilt about spending money on ourselves.

Do you ever feel guilty treating yourself?


You’re in the right place!

Why do we feel guilty?

Well, it comes down to limiting beliefs and past conditioning….

Here’s a few ways the idea that you shouldn’t have too much pleasure or treat yourself could have formed in your belief system:

  • Your own mother didn’t model treating herself or she spent as a little as possible on herself. You learned by example ‘that’s what women do’.
  • You learned that as a woman you put others first, and leave yourself ‘til last
  • You feel unworthy of more than just enough
  • It’s wrong to spend money on fun or pleasure (I inherited that belief from my father)
  • Pleasure and treats are unnecessary and indulgent
  • You’re a show off if you spend money lavishly & it’s better to be humble.
  • Pleasure is for others. It’s enough to just get by & you should be grateful for what you have
  • You don’t deserve pleasure
  • Other members of your family (or people) have so little, a little voice says “Who I am to have more?”

These are all limiting beliefs linked to your ability to allow yourself more.

When you read these phrases maybe your hear someone else’s voice: your mother or father for example….

The truth is that as a woman our ability to receive is linked to how much we are connected to our feminine, and the gateway to the feminine energy is through pleasure and sensuality. 


Money Through Pleasure

There are 2 key ways I see to shift your ability to receive more:

  1. Identify & clear these limiting beliefs
  2. Develop an increased connection to sensuality and the feminine energy in your life

How can you expand your zone of pleasure?

We actually need to train our nervous systems to experience more pleasure because as people we are actually not very good at handling pleasure!

We are much better at handling danger! In fact we are hardwired to look out for danger in order to survive.

Women have a comfort zone about how much pleasure they are willing/able to receive and it’s out job to expand this comfort zone so we can receive more.

The ability to receive more works on every level – including money.

Here’s 5 Ways to Make More Money Through Pleasure

  1. Set an intention to bring more pleasure into your daily life through your 5 senses. What tastes good to you? Have more of that. What smells good to you? Have more of that. What feels good on your skin? How does your body feel pleasure?
  2. Get more aware of your actual desires, your preference and what is pleasurable for you (it’s personal to you). Explore!
  3. Reduce unpleasurable experiences by setting better boundaries and saying No to things that make you uncomfortable or compromise your boundaries, or are not pleasurable for you.
  4. Explore why it feels wrong to have more pleasure? Who told you this? Whose voice is this?
  5. Dive into WHY you feel guilty having more in your journal. There is tremendous power in awareness.

As you open up the channels of pleasure, and allow yourself to receive more, you will notice your income rise and more gifts coming into your life.

What is most pleasurable for you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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5 Ways to Make More Money Through Pleasure






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