Creating a Powerful Morning Routine

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What’s your Morning Routine? The way you start your day sets the tone for how your whole day goes.

Want a good day?

Start it in a good way.

A great morning routine sets you up to be calm, centred and productive and it’s something I strongly recommend my clients implement in their lives whenever they can. One of the best things about being self employed is that we largely have control over our schedule, so we have this precious opportunity to start our day in a way that really supports us.

I recommend creating a great morning routine that you implement Monday-Friday. Actually I pretty much do it 7 days a week, but I like to make it optional on Sundays! That optional break helps me keep the momentum up.

It can take anything from 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Start small and build up from there. On an at-home working day, I typically take 3 hours from waking before I reach my desk and I call this my ‘morning routine’.

If I have appointments, a shoot or a coaching day, and need to get out earlier, it might be just 30 minutes meditation, and my affirmations, and then I’ll move the exercise to the evening. I’ve also had phases in my life where journalling was a big part of my morning routine. Right now I prefer to journal in the evening to process & release the day.

A great morning routine consists of 3 parts:

1. Spirit

Maintaining a connection with God, the Universe or your Higher Sense of self will help you create a sense of perspective, support and peace.

Ways of doing this include meditation, yoga, reading a book, prayer and walking in nature. Meditation is my absolute favourite!

morning routine

I like to do a 20 minute meditation session each morning and I love guided visualisations and meditations. If you are new to meditation, it can be a lot easier to stay focused when someone is walking you through what to do.

Right now, as I explain in the video below, I am doing a 15 minute silent meditation, following by my 20 minute guided Success Meditation. If you are not ready to devote that much time, start with 5 mins or just the guided meditation, and once you see results, you will be inspired to grow your routine.

I have created a Special 20 Minute Success Meditation especially for my community and I am getting amazing feedback from people who have tried it!


2. Body

Opening up the body, stretching out, getting the heart going….moving this body that you’re living in is also essential. It’s so easy to live in our heads as entrepreneurs!

Experiment and see what feels right for you at this time of day. It could be as simple as a short walk, or you might like to get the blood flowing with some jogging.

Maybe a few yoga poses at home fits best into your day. For me right now in summer in Ibiza, this means a swim in the sea, a 20-30 min yoga class at home from my Daily Yoga App, or a session with my personal trainer.

I always start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon to cleanse the body, followed by a pre-training homemade energy ball (with some raw cacao for energy and a boost!), and then a brunch of eggs or turkey meatballs & salad after my workout.

A good breakfast provides your mind the fuel it needs to function at it’s best.

How you dress can also set the tone for your day. If you work from home, it can be easy to slip into not making an effort, but taking care to shower and dress with care, can be very empowering.

When you look good, you feel good…..and when you feel good, your whole day goes better: you work better & you manifest more!

Watch my video where I talk more about my morning routine and how I roll from when I wake up to when I hit my desk. 

3. Mind

Each day I repeat my affirmations. I make a new set at the start of each month (I carry over ones that are still a work in progress).

This brings the reality I desire to experience in my life into the present, and by repeating the same phrases over and over again, they gradually become imprinted into the subconscious mind and form new beliefs.

I do them in front of the mirror and look myself in the eye for extra power!

I also spend a few minutes planning my day ahead rather than rushing headlong into whatever task seemed to shout the loudest! I did that for a long time, and would often get to the end of the day, without achieving what was most important & feeling dissatisfied with my progress, stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to watch the video HERE for more about my morning routine

Do you already implement any of these in your life? Maybe you already have your own routine in place….

I’d love to hear what gets your day off to a great start!


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