Past Life Reading – What it’s like to learn about your past lives

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Past Life Reading: Did you ever wonder about your past lives?

I’ve worked with Staci Wells on several occasions – most notably when I lost Lolo, my beloved English bulldog, and was gifted a session with her. The findings from this session blew my mind, and it deserves a post all of it’s own (coming soon!). It was incredibly powerful to understand why he chose to leave early, and the meaning of his passing – as well as to hear he was loving his afterlife – in a big yard with no end and playing all day with other dogs. Makes my heart melt…)

I first discovered Staci when I read the books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift, by Richard Schwartz. She was one of the psychics consulted for the books, which are a profound and fascinating study of why our souls create the challenges & experiences we face in this lifetime. They cover everything from why a soul would choose to experience the loss of a loved one, to disability, illness, and miscarriage, adoption, rape, poverty, abusive relationships and more.

What is a soul’s journey?

The concept- which I believe in wholeheartedly – is that our soul chooses a journey & challenges in this lifetime that will hep us grow. These are for the purpose of the soul’s growth and were intentionally chosen pre-birth by the soul.

Our souls have a meeting before birth with the other people that will play a role in the coming lifetime. Often these souls will play different roles across your different lifetimes. They all sit round and agree to play certain roles, often ones that will cause pain and heartache, but are ultimately for your soul’s highest good. Your soul actually chooses these opportunities for growth because it’s greatest purpose is to grow spiritually and these life experiences will help it grow and develop as a soul.

So, what exactly happens in a pre-birth planning reading?

Firstly you complete a written piece all about the challenge you are seeking to understand, and the people and dates of birth involved in the situation.

The past-life reading itself is a 2-3 hour session which requires extensive preparation on Staci’s part beforehand. In the preparation she accesses the discussions your soul had pre-birth. She also receives information about past lifetime and the role certain souls have played before in your life. Then in the session itself she enters a kind of ‘vortex’ or connection where she can access this information on your behalf.

Clitheroe by Polly Alexandre

So what did I learn from my pre-birth reading?

How long have you got?! Seriously I could write a small book about my past life reading! It was absolutely mindblowing and one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.

Here’s some of the more curious things I found out:

  • I was married to a tailor & shoesmith in a past life. It was one of my happier lifetimes! (I am totally using this as my reason for loving wardrobe shopping so much in this lifetime. It’s in my DNA….literally!)
  • One lifetime I lived in Holland and I was the older sister to my mother in this lifetime. It was around 1750 (I love Dutch oil paintings from this period and am so drawn to their colours. I actually use the same tones in my own paintings. Could this really be connected?!)
  • I’m going to write a book! Apparently there’s going to be a lot of writing in my future (and my book will talk about my special relationship with dogs!! Yes!!!)
  • I have a long, healthy and creative life planned & one where I will be personally effective in the lives of others.

I also learned a lot about why I chose the family background I did, it’s purpose and the role my mother and father were playing in this lifetime for my soul.

I know my main karmic lesson is this lifetime is one of emotional independence and so my soul chose to call in situations of extreme distress and imbalance in order that it could learn to strengthen emotionally and develop a calm place inside. I planned to be exposed to some painful situations so my sensitivity would become attuned to the pain of others which would help me do what I came here to do.

By strengthening myself, I would be able to be a tree with deep roots that others can lean on in times of need (which make sense with the coaching work I now do). Now I can bend and flex like a tree in a storm, but I never break, and it was only by experiencing the storms in life that I could learn to do this.


What was my biggest takeaway?

The biggest takeaway for me was how empowering it is to have this knowledge and to be able to have a much deeper understanding of the purpose of certain events in my life like the death of my mother & my new husband suddenly walking out of our marriage. Through not being loved, I developed self love, and through coping with intensely challenging situations I developed my own power and faith in myself. It was necessary for these events to have an unexpected nature in order to create the opportunity for intense growth my soul required.

Sometimes in life you can’t get those big WHY answers you seek on a conscious level or by asking people. Even if you can, you still may not connect to the bigger picture & purpose. What this reading brought me is clarity, more peace and a profound new way of seeing my journey in this lifetime.

Landscape Photograph by Polly Alexandre, Photograph of Polly by Maria Simon.




Michelle Kelly

Thanks for sharing this story Polly – so honestly and gracefully too. It’s through working with you as a coach that I was also able to see that certain distressful events in my life were actually teaching me something and moving me towards my dreams and not away from them.

Loving the blog. Xx


Thanks so much for your kind words Michelle! Such a powerful insight – when we start seeing difficult events in our lives as happening for us, instead of against us, it’s a gamechanger. Keep moving towards your dreams…look forward to inspiring and journeying with you x

Past Life Regression QHHT

Thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy that you were able to use your hardships as a way to develop self love and growth. I am familiar with past life therapy, but I was not aware that someone could access the “vortex” on your behalf. I am happy that you have had success on your journey and I wish you luck in the future!


Thanks for sharing Courtney. Yes, it’s such a fascinating area… there’s a wealth of knowledge available to us outside what we see on the surface and our 5 senses!


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