Theta Healing for Weight Loss – What it’s like to transform your relationship with food and exercise

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theta healing weight loss

Theta Healing for Weight Loss

Wow. This week I have been on a incredible journey.

An unexpected journey.

An inner journey

It started how all the best journeys start – entirely by accident.

I was researching something completely unrelated on the internet, and came across a program using Theta Healing for weight loss and weight management.

It immediately caught my eye.

Now, you might say, but you don’t need to lose weight Polly? You are already slim….

Well from the outside, maybe it all looks perfect and like I’ve got it all together.

But that’s kind of like looking at someone’s social media and thinking they have the perfect life, their kids always behave and they always look immaculate.

The truth is, I have had a hangry problem for a while.

I put it down to low blood sugar, a fast metabolism, and thought it’s just the way I am.

I developed coping strategies – always having snacks to hand, making sure I ate before going out to dinner, and eating every couple of hours.

But honestly I would get really irritable with anyone I came into contact with when I was hungry. I would get really emotional if I couldn’t eat. Even tears.

I had also in the past experienced lots of food allergies – that’s another story – they started after handling loss and grief, where my body would internalize the emotions & stress, and I became hyper sensitive to certain foods.

This phase was over but last year I developed a new allergy to refined sugar and my legs would develop a rash and itch like crazy whenever I ate chocolate or cake. Which of course was a lot, because I was totally comfort eating.

Meanwhile over on the body front, I was getting frustrated that I never quite got to the body I wanted despite regular training… the flat stomach eluded me (I’m not after perfection, I’ll take 80% & be very happy with that).

My thighs always had water retention no matter how much exercise I did, how much water I drank, what supplements I took or how many green juices I drank.

Theta Healing for Weight Loss

I’d get close to my ideal body, then self sabotage with overeating, eating too much chocolate (eating all the client chocolates on my trips to London? Me?! Totally guilty! Anyone relate?), or not doing my walks in-between workouts.

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about it, I’ll confess to complaining rather a lot during my sessions with my trainer. I always turned up, but sometimes I was like the walking dead, literally dragging my body around & totally resisting the process. Flow? Oh no. Not at all. It felt hard, really hard sometimes. Way too hard.

I probably drove my trainer crazy talking about food during the sessions – AND on occasion I actually stopped the session to EAT. Oh dear. Not good at all!

I began to realize that perhaps this was not normal, and that perhaps, just perhaps, I might actually want to do something about it.

This was mirrored back to me when a friend came to stay, and I observed that I ate twice as often as her. My irritability was magnified as it was mirrored back to me in company.

Eeeek. I became very conscious of my pattern, and for the first time realized there might actually be a deeper issue here.

The realisation came to a head when I ate 2 lunches (yes, two identical lunches in a row) on a photo shoot.

So often we accept things we don’t need to by justifying them saying ‘It’s just the way I am’. The truth is anything – I mean anything – can be transformed.

What are you accepting and tolerating that you deep down you’re not comfortable with?

It started with an awareness.

And then synchronicity led me to my answers.

theta healing for weight loss

I signed up for the Theta Healing for Weight Loss Programme immediately

It was 4 sessions – and I decided to squeeze the whole course into the space of a week. I play full out 😉

The approach we take in Theta for this area  is called RHYTHM –

Your Perfect Weight

The results?

1 week after the first session:

  • The water retention in my thighs is 90% gone
  • I had my second pain free period EVER in my entire life
  • My legs are slimmer already and it’s only a week after I started the work
  • My stomach is flatter
  • I am not craving food any more or comfort eating
  • I can be around people before I eat without getting hangry or irritable or over emotional
  • I no longer need to eat every 1.5-2 hours

So what was it all really about?!

This is where it gets super fascinating!

The issue is never the real issue.

 In the programme we uncovered some incredible beliefs my subconscious was holding.

Together we worked through my beliefs about food, about exercise, about weight, about holding on to weight and how it is serving me, and protecting me, and it’s purpose.

Here’s an example of some of the beliefs I was holding:

  • I hate exercise
  • It takes ages to change my body through exercise
  • Exercise is pain
  • I must carry extra weight to protect myself from being attacked by others

I was carrying the belief food=love and food=my mothers love so I was using food as a tool to give myself love (this is very common – can you remember your mother nurturing you with food as a way of showing her love?)

Here’s some other examples of beliefs we cleared

  • Food is protection
  • Food is love
  • Food is a replacement for a partner
  • I nurture myself through food
  • I love myself through chocolate (!)


theta healing for weight loss

A large part of the work we did was identifying healing old childhood wounds and beliefs I had formed that were connected to food. It was deep, powerful and emotional work.

As the old beliefs were cleared, I received downloads of new feelings in their place….

  • What it feels like to enjoy chocolate without needing it
  • How to enjoy a little chocolate
  • What it feels like to get fast results from exercise
  • How to feel safe and protected without needing to eat

You will want to combine the inner work with outer lifestyle changes like exercise and healthy eating in order to see results, but if you are either resisting those healthy choices, or self sabotaging, or not able to get as far as making those healthy choices, then clearing these inner negative beliefs will be life changing for you.

I’m putting together a Programme to support my clients in transforming this area, because I know how many of you women struggle with your relationship to food and your body.

I am all about SUCCESS on all levels – mind, body and spirit and I’m so excited to have discovered this new way of supporting my clients to more peace, happiness and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Watch out for more details…. and if you can’t wait you can book a taster session of theta healing with me here now.


  1. Follow your intuition when you are curious about exploring something – a new path, a new modality, therapy, hobby or activity.
  2. If you keep thinking about something, it’s for a reason.
  3. Play full out. If you are going to do something, put your whole head and heart into it and play full out.
  4. Don’t accept things you don’t like – be open to how you can transform them.
  5. Transform your inner beliefs and transform your physical reality

What is your  journey with your weight and relationship with food?

What are some of the patterns and beliefs you would like to let go of around food and exercise?

Share below in the comments!

Read more about Theta Healing on my website here

{Photographs by Wendy Yalom}

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