Theta Healing – What’s it’s like to experience a Theta Healing session

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What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a meditational, energy healing technique designed to change the subconscious mind. It’s powerful, fast and effective.

The technique was developed by Vianna Stibal a little over 20 years ago, so it’s pretty new to the world.

Theta healing can be used to address any physical/health conditions, mindset, abundance, manifesting and money, relationships: basically any area of your life where you are not experiencing what you desire.

I use theta healing with my coaching clients to clear belief systems and patterns that are standing in the way of them creating the business success and lifestyle they desire.

So if you are feel like you are taking all the ‘right’ actions, but not getting the results you desire in your business, then it would be perfect for you.

To see the founder Vianna, talk about exactly how it works, watch her video here.

How did I discover Theta Healing?

Well you know I love a good story!

Rewind to October 2016. I’d experienced a drop in my monthly income and it concerned me. I truly believe that money is a measure of where your energy is at, and when the money is not flowing in as you would like, it’s time to dig deeper and find out what’s really going on.

At the same time I asked my personal trainer if he knew any good guided meditations. I’d been doing mine for a year, and I was ready for something new. He told me to look up his friend on Soundcloud.

Although I typed in his friend’s name exactly as told, I couldn’t find him…….. but what I came across instead was some meditations by someone with a very similar name.

I tried their morning meditation and I rather liked it. I did it for a couple of weeks and started to feel really good!

I got curious….

Who was behind these meditations?

I looked up their website and right then I discovered theta healing.


In one month I quadrupled my income month-on-month, and had my biggest contracted month to date at £35,982 

This was following 2 powerful private healing sessions where we worked on clearing various beliefs and blocks standing in my way, and alongside several other modalities, including family constellation work (that’s another post!), homeopathy and coaching, I found the shifts I experienced were just incredible.

I carried on with private sessions and then my healer suggested I do the 3 day training – I resisted for a while.  I was already committed to another training event in Miami, I couldn’t see how this was related to my business, and it definitely wasn’t part of the plan!

Then I started awakening at 3.33, 4.44, 5.55……

I was guided to write in my journal and I kept getting the message “You have to do this”….

The signs continued….

Plans for the Miami trip were not flowing – unreturned emails, overpriced flights, scheduling challenges and more.

Finally I got the message. I signed up to both the Basic and Advanced Trainings in December 2016. I let go of Miami, and I stepped into the unknown. If I’m in, I’m all in! That’s my philosophy.

6 Months later and the difference was profound

I went on to complete the Basic and the Advanced Theta Healing trainings, and then the Manifesting & Abundance, Family Ties & Game of Life courses as well as consistently working in my own private healing sessions.

Once I saw the power of the modality in my own life and business, I absolutely HAD to offer it to my own clients.

It was an incredibly transformational time. A lot of old stuff came up for healing, I uncovered changed beliefs I didn’t even know I was holding. There were times I cried, times I laughed, times I celebrated. It’s been an incredibly powerful experience for me – and when I started seeing the results from my clients, I was blown away.

How could Theta Healing help you?

Some of the issues I have worked on with my own clients include fears around visibility, lack of confidence, not feeling good enough, fear of next steps in life or business, manifesting love, manifesting money, manifesting success, worrying about what other people think, money issues…and other areas where you are not where you want to be or struggling.

I now offer theta healing as part of all my work – my group programmes, Money Beautifully and Thrive Beautifully and my Private Coaching.

What happens in a Theta Healing session?

Sessions usually take place over video Skype (in person available in Ibiza), and you come with your top challenge to work on, well hydrated and set up with your laptop in a quiet, undisturbed place.

The sessions are part dialogue and part energy healing.  I use kinesiology or muscle testing to check for the limiting beliefs you are holding. There’s no guesswork here – your body will tell us what beliefs your subconscious mind is really holding!

We explore how holding on to this belief is serving you.

I then clear these beliefs, and replace them with positive beliefs. As the practitioner I go into the theta brainwave and command that these beliefs are changed. We then confirm with muscle testing that they have changed.

After a session my clients often feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They feel calm and at ease. Tangible benefits may be immediately obvious, but quite often I see and hear about changes 2 weeks after the session when the work has integrated. The effects can be subtle but incredibly profound and transformational.

I recommend ongoing sessions as required for the best results, until you are no longer experiencing or troubled by the original issue.


What do my clients say about their Theta Healing sessions?

“I just HAD to email you while the Theta session was so clear in my mind. I’m stunned, truly that was amazing. Life changing. What a very special gift you have. I came into this session with an open mind and I’m absolutely amazed by what just happened. I’m so grateful – the timing was perfect, everything was perfect”

{Faye Cornhill}

“My theta healing session with Polly went deep into the places where I needed healing. I was amazed at how rapidly we accessed long-buried memories and beliefs, bringing them out from the darkness into light. Polly has a kind and respectful presence that I find really trustworthy. She guided me with confidence and clarity through our one-hour session, responding in a highly intuitive and sensitive way to the information that was revealed. Together we uncovered a major stumbling block in my life, oe that’s held me back for decades, and she worked her magic in order to clear away some long-held, negative beliefs. Now that these have been addressed in a sub-conscious as well as a conscious way, I feel freed of their hold over me, and lighter as a result. I would definitely recommend this type of healing to anyone wishing to get into deeper contact with their subconscious, and to access and heal limiting belief systems that no longer serve them. This method feels like a fast-track to greater clarity and freedom, while being very gentle and non-invasive in its approach.

I now feel ready to move forward, in a much bigger way. Thank you, Polly!”

{Catriona Mitchell}

Check out Money Beautifully, my programme for clearing your Money Blocks which utilises theta healing and intuitive energy clearing techniques along with powerful teaching.

{Images by Maria Simon Photography; Sunset image by Polly Alexandre)

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