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I first discovered Vanya Silverten when we spoke at an event together. I was immediately drawn to her energy – Vanya embodies love and femininity in a way unlike anyone I have ever met.

My No. 1 goal in 2017 is to call in my soulmate and life partner – and to create a deep, loving, dynamic, passionate, fulfilling relationship where I am adored, desired and cherished.

To reach this goal I have been doing a mix of inner and outer work.

Pretty much anything you can do to attract in love, I have tried (when I’m in, I’m in all the way!)

  • My wardrobe got cleared to make space for someone else’s clothes too (that was shortlived ;-))
  • Rose quartz was brought into the bedroom, and images containing a woman on her own were banished.
  • I bought myself flowers on Valentines Day (I was literally the only woman in a long queue of men at the florists

At one point there was even a pair of brass dolphins by the bedside table (they didn’t last long – my pure clean aesthetic won out and they had to go)

I learned to let go of past relationships and I learned new practices of self love.

I cleared my schedule, stopped travelling so much, and slowed down my work to create space for a man in my life.

I studied men, how they think, what they want, how to please them, and how to be in my feminine.

Still it wasn’t happening.

In fact things felt like they were going backwards…I went from having fun dating to having no dates at all.

Of course they weren’t really going backwards – by not yet manifesting my desire, I was getting a message from my higher self there was more to heal. By observing the tap turning off, I was forced to go within and dig deeper.

It was at this moment Vanya came into my life with perfect timing.

vanya silverten awakening goddess

Vanya is an intuitive energy healer and has spent more than a decade helping over 10,000 people across the world progress on their spiritual path. Her speciality is the sensual enlightenment and empowerment of women.

Vanya believes love is the ultimate path towards enlightenment

Vanya has created a wonderful online self-study course called Awakening Goddess.

I can honestly say, hand on heart it’s the best online course I have ever done.

The Awakening Goddess course combines ancient women’s techniques with modern teachings, and is designed to liberate your sensuality, creativity, intuition and your divine femininity. This course is a workbook, workout, beauty treatment and soul awakening, all rolled into one.

Divided into 10 Modules on different topics, each module has a workbook, movement exercise, several meditations, rituals, and limiting beliefs to clear.

Each class is a sacred portal that teaches you to commune with a deeper aspect of your being. This journey of self discovery is achieved through a series of lessons, reflection exercises, sacred movements, meditations, deepening activities, initiations and rituals.

Vanya explains: “As the Goddess flowers within, you will recognise that every inch of your being is sacred and precious. Through this understanding you will learn to become both a lover and a creator of life”.

The invitation is for you to fall in love with your body temple, your soul and ultimately fall in love with life.

I put aside 3 hours on a Sunday morning to work through the course and made the decision to keep an open mind. Rituals are not usually my thing and I was a little cynical as to whether they would work for me.

Some of the exercises & meditations were surprisingly emotional and powerful.

I learned what being a Goddess really means.

I learned about the different stages of being a woman – the girl, the maiden, the mother & the wise woman.

I discovered parts of me that had been neglected, lost, damaged along the journey of life. I brought them back to me, restored them and released stuff I no longer needed.

Vanya explains the exercises and rituals can be like initiations, causing a shift in the energy that is permanent. I was thrilled to hear this – I am looking for permanent change and let’s face it, none of us have hours to spend in a Goddess ritual on a daily basis.

In the Sensual Body Spa Ritual I connected with my mum (who passed away 6 years ago) and I actually felt my Mum’s pain and shame around her body come up and release (as daughter’s we carry our mother’s pain and shame in our DNA). I felt all her disempowered energy of being a woman release.

For many years I described myself as a head on legs. So much going on in my mind, it felt like my body was trailing behind.

Through this course I came into a deeper appreciation for and connection with my body.

I started to really get the idea that we can access the divine through the body.  

vanya silverten awakening goddess

What tangible results did I experience from the course?

  • I experienced what it feels like to be magnetic to men for the very first time (it’s crazy!)
  • I had no period pain at all for 2 months I was going the course!
  • I received money from men
  • I released a lot of sadness, anger and resentment towards men, most of which I didn’t even now I was holding so unaware of the block
  • I became aware of all the amazing women who have touched my life

Some of the exercises were a bit out there, I’m not going to deny it, I definitely felt resistance a few times!

But I was determined to keep an open mind and try them all. OK, I confess, I am 90% through the course and I have avoided the ‘wedding to yourself’ one.

As a trained theta healer I was able to clear a lot of the negative beliefs in the modules I found I held. I also did one-on-one sessions with Vanya to help shift the blocks I couldn’t clear myself. Yes, I was on a serious mission!

If you practice reiki, EFT, theta healing, another form of healing or a modality like NLP,  you will be able to do the belief clearing yourself or with a partner from the Group. If you are not trained in healing, you can use affirmations or awareness through reflection and journalling (awareness in itself is a profound way to create change!)

I cleared so much – together we took down the wall around my heart I put up subconsciously to survive after heartbreak.

We cleared a deep isolation inside me and a pattern of feminine isolation running through my mother’s genetic line.

We released beliefs about being abandoned by love, that love is pain, vows and oaths never to fall in love again.

My heart and brain and sacral chakra were reconnected, and family love patterns released, as well as my parents’ beliefs about marriage.

In summary, I let go of SO much, and I realigned SO much. All for the better. 

I can’t recommend this course enough, I am a proud affiliate and and there’s JUST time for you to jump on and join the latest round. When you use this link you will also get access to Vanya’s Urban Temple 30 Day Programme worth £47, where you turn your home into a sacred temple (you must use the link below to purchase). This is exclusive to Living Beautifully readers.

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