What is Your Money Story?

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One of my absolute favourite topics to talk about, teach on and coach on is MONEY.

Yes, the loaded subject of money! Sometimes taboo, often emotional, loaded with all sorts of connotations.

In fact, I am so passionate about women changing their relationship with money that I created a whole programme around it called Money Beautifully.

The thing is there’s no escaping your relationship with money. In today’s world it is required in order to survive. It’s the primary form of barter for food, shelter, education & life experiences.

Everyone has a money story.

Your money story is your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around money. These beliefs drive your decisions, actions and ultimately create your current reality around money.

Do you resonate with any of these common money stories?

  • Never enough
  • Always just enough
  • Boom then bust. Feast then famine
  • Fear about money coming in
  • Not enough money in the world

These are common deeply held money stories I work with women on transforming.

The thing is your story around money is not just your story around money. It’s roots grow deep. Your story around money is reflective of your deeply held beliefs about yourself and the world.

Here’s some examples of ways your deeply held beliefs in other areas can be playing out in the area of money…

  • How loved and wanted you feel in the world
  • Your beliefs about scarcity and lack of resources
  • What you believe is possible for you
  • Self worth
  • Being connected to your soul’s purpose
  • Feeling good enough

When I work with clients, we go deep.

We go deep in order to heal.

We go deep in order to transform.

The good news is that you, yes, YOU, can transform your money story. You have the power to rewrite your story – and your experience – around money.

You can start here with my Success Meditation – learn in the accompanying workbook about the different kinds of beliefs that affect your experience with money & use the powerful Success Meditation to create instant shifts now.

Download the Meditation here.

The truth is there is no limit to the amount of abundance & money in this world or the abundance available to you. You are a being of limitless possibility, capable of expansion and transformation beyond your wildest dreams.

You are here to grow, to expand, to be more you, express and share who you truly are and your gifts, talents and abilities with the world.

You are here to experiences your deepest desires….

To fulfil your soul’s purpose, to grow and expand into all you came here to be….

But you learned how to be in this world between 0-7. Like a sponge, you absorbed all your parent’s beliefs and stories and experiences. You took them at face value, you attached meaning to them. You internalised these past experiences and created your current belief system.

Some of it was helpful, some of it not so much.

The way I see it, these beliefs – together with beliefs inherited in your DNA from your family & ancestors, from all the experiences you have had in this lifetime, and even past lives – forms a web.

If you imagine this web above your head…

Abundance comes from source energy, from the Creator, the Universe, God (whichever term you prefer)…..

In an ideal world it comes down, in, through you and out of you. It’s a flow.

But this web of beliefs stops you being able to receive all of the abundance that’s available to you. Some of it gets trapped in the web.

When you work on changing these beliefs, it frees up the amount of abundance that can reach you.

And this is why I see time and time again, women who shift their negative beliefs, making MORE money without taking MORE action.

I can’t tell you how much I love this!

Are you ready to dive more deeply into your limiting beliefs & heal? Click here for my Success Meditation with powerful energy work to shift your unconscious limiting beliefs so you can create more success in your life & work.

Have you experienced more money without more action? Share in the comments below! I’d love to hear!

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